Super PAC Notes Rising Food Costs Under Biden Regime

A super PAC that backed Trump in the past has released a “Biden-Mart” calculator to show how inflation has affected the typical American’s food budget. The user may choose from a list of everyday household products to create a hypothetical shopping list, and the calculator will then compare the pricing of these things from the start of Biden’s administration to the present day.

Under Trump, $107.81 worth of groceries cost $168.16 under Biden, an increase of 55.98%.

It compares 29 common supermarket cart goods in the US, including ground beef, potatoes, cookies, coffee, eggs, and ice cream.

It’s often asked, are you better off now than four years ago? The calculator would show that no one is.

Data from the Agriculture Department is used to make the comparison. For instance, two pounds of ground beef cost $6.18 in January 2021, just before Mr. Trump’s departure from office. A 66% increase brings the price to $10.26. A two-pound bag of apples used to cost $1.89 under Trump’s presidency; now, they’re $3.99, an increase of 111%. The price of sugar has jumped 93% from $2.57 to $4.97 a pound.

A super PAC that backs Mr. Trump, the Make America Great Again PAC, paid for the site.

According to one observer, there are still seven months before Election Day in the 2024 presidential campaign, but at this point, Donald Trump’s path to triumph is unexpectedly smooth. Joe Biden and other incumbent presidents seeking reelection would want to aim for a job approval rating over Biden’s 39.1%.

Concerned about the nation’s situation, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo offers caution and suggestions. According to him, defeating Biden and his radical Senate supporters by a wide margin in November is the only way to save our country. It is imperative that Trump lead the United States Senate and regain his position as president.