Tucker Carlson Video Passes Fox News

After withholding comment for two days on Fox News’s decision to “part ways” with him, last Wednesday night, Carlson made his first public statement, posting a video on Twitter blasting the “one-party state” which he said is silencing opposing voices and shutting down any debate that might reveal the truth.

While not directly addressing the circumstances around his termination, Carlson said having some time off has made him realize that most of the topics debated on television are so “unbelievably stupid” and “completely irrelevant” that in five years, “we won’t even remember that we have them.”

He pointed out that the “undeniably big topics,” including the ones that “define our future,” aren’t allowed on television because politicians from both parties, along with their donors, “have reached a consensus on what benefits them” and colluded to “shut down any conversation about it.”

But despite the efforts of the “one-party state” to suppress the truth, Tucker expressed optimism that the truth will eventually prevail. He said the “current orthodoxies” are not lasting but are “brain-dead” ideas nobody believes.

He suggested that the people in power are afraid because honest people are speaking the truth “calmly and without embarrassment” adding that doing so “makes them powerful.” And as they grow in power, the “liars” “become weaker” and ultimately the truth will “prevail.”

Without revealing his future plans, Carlson closed his video by saying, “See you soon.”

By May 1, Tucker’s tweet had 79 million views while the video itself had been played over 23.4 million times.

By comparison, the tweet featuring President Biden’s reelection launch video has 43 million views while the video itself has only been played 8.6 million times by May 1.

But the 23.4 million views of Tucker’s video dwarfs his average nightly audience with Fox News where “Tucker Carlson Tonight” averaged just over 3 million viewers.