Winston Churchill’s Cigar Is About to Make History

An auction is set to feature a cigar that was once enjoyed by Winston Churchill, accompanied by a handwritten note and the original jar it was stored in.

In August 1944, during World War II, Churchill, the esteemed British prime minister who guided the United Kingdom through most of World War II, presented the cigar as a keepsake to Hugh Stonehewer-Bird, the consul general in Rabat, Morocco.

Charles Hanson, the auction house proprietor responsible for selling this remarkable artifact, expressed his astonishment at the unexpected discoveries found within glass jars. 

He remarked, “This iconic memorabilia is linked to one of Britain’s most renowned prime ministers and the Second World War. Churchill, known for his affection for cigars, would occasionally bestow them as gifts upon those who had aided him in any way.”

For over 75 years, the Stonehewer-Bird family has diligently safeguarded the cigar, which will now be put on the auction block in Derbyshire. The estimated price range for this unique item is anticipated to be between $750 and $1120.

Hanson added, “The original handwritten label accompanying the cigar enhances its provenance and is highly valued by collectors. We anticipate this item will exceed expectations when it goes under the hammer.”

Churchill, a highly respected figure in British politics, was often photographed while smoking cigars, and it was estimated that he would consume between eight and ten cigars daily. 

He once defended his smoking habit when the king of Saudi Arabia informed him that smoking and drinking were prohibited in his presence.

My code of conduct prescribed the sacred ritual of smoking cigars and consuming alcohol before, after, and if necessary, during all meals and breaks in between.”

In 2022, an exceptional collection of Churchill’s cigars fetched a staggering price of almost $20,000 at auction

These remarkable cigars, originating from Cuba, proudly bore the distinguished name of Sir Winston Churchill himself. 

They were generously presented to the renowned statesman by a prominent New York entrepreneur.