American Fears Over War With Iran Skyrocket

The majority of American likely voters believe that the current state of affairs between Iran and the US will eventually escalate into a full-scale war, with over one quarter expressing the opinion that war is “very likely,” as reported in a recent Rasmussen Reports survey.

According to the poll that was issued on Monday, 66% of American likely voters believe that war would break out as a result of the increasing tensions between Iran and the US in the Middle East. A quarter of respondents (24%) believe a conflict is “very likely,” while another 24% do not share this view, and a mere 2% say it is “not at all likely.”

In a full-scale conflict with Iran, the majority of voters(65%) believe that the United States military would most likely prevail. While 20% are uncertain, just 15% think the United States military cannot prevail.

Even while Iran has no interest in going to war, analysts believe it has been successful in challenging Western and American interests in the area via the employment of its proxy militias.

Although it often uses nebulous language, Iran claims it does not influence the decision-making of these organizations. Western analysts concur that the level of direct control that Tehran has over these troops is uncertain.

According to diplomat Thomas A. Shannon Jr., who has held several top positions under Presidents Trump, Obama, and Bush, the potential for escalation and mistake is high partly due to this lack of clarity.

What Tehran calls the “Axis of Resistance” against Western and American hegemony in the Middle East has long been active with Iranian proxies.

Militant organization Hezbollah in Lebanon, has been launching missiles into Israel regularly, leading to a reaction from Israel and concerns of a recurrence of the 2006 Israel-Lebanon conflict. The Houthis of Yemen have fired rockets and drones toward southern Israel and foreign ships in the Red Sea, a vital passageway for world commerce.

The United States has been the target of attacks by extremists in Iraq and Syria, as well as Jordan, in recent times.

The feeling we are lurching toward war in the Middle East is not without reason.