Biden Doesn’t Even Know The Name Of The Supreme Court Justice He Picked

( Joe Biden visited the Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia, on Sunday to deliver remarks in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Biden lied about his church attendance.  As a teenager, Joe Biden claimed to have attended a black church.

According to a report, President Joe Biden asserted that following his high school Catholic Mass, he regularly attended a black church in Delaware.

Biden said he might be a practicing Catholic, but before he went to the black church, he used to go to 7:30 am mass every morning in high school and college.  He said it was not a joke.

While visiting the Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia, to observe Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. day, Biden discussed his experiences with the black church.

Reports reveal that despite longtime members of the Delaware black church saying they don’t remember Biden attending, the president has repeatedly claimed he did.

In an address to the Bethlehem Baptist Church in South Carolina in October 2020, Biden made a similar assertion.

After attending Mass at 8:00 a.m., Biden said he’d go to Reverend Herring’s church, where they met to organize and figure out where they were going.  They talked about desegregating the Rialto movie theater or doing something else.

Biden has reiterated his claim despite ongoing doubts.

Reports from 2020 show that in a speech at an NAACP event in Iowa, he declared that he was politically raised in the black church politically.

Biden’s biographical claims had drawn criticism since his first Presidential run more than thirty years ago when he was forced to withdraw from the race after making outrageous and false statements.

The most embarrassing passage in Biden’s speech honoring MLK at a black Baptist church was getting the name of the black US Supreme Court justice he appointed wrong.

He called her Kejan— Kejan— Ketanji Drown Jackson.

Why does no one in “the black church” call him out on these things?