Boots on the Ground in Taiwan OK With Senator Lindsay Graham

On Sunday, South Carolina Senator Lindsay Graham told news media he would be on board with an American boots-on-the-ground response if China attempts an invasion of Taiwan. 

According to Graham, the US Congress must decide to enter into a defense of Taiwan agreement. How far will that agreement go when authorizing military action if China acts against Taiwan? 

The United States Congress has not approved a declared war since World War II. All ensuing conflicts have been short-term authorizations limiting presidential powers under the War Powers Resolution of 1973.

Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy’s welcomed Taiwan President Tsai-wen in Washington. China began sending ships around Taiwan the day after that diplomatic visit to demonstrate their disapproval of more favorable relations between the US and Taiwan. 

China has indicated it will take action to punish Taiwan’s independence separatist forces and will defend its sovereignty and territories. President Tsai and her party are considered separatists by China’s rulers. 

President Joe Biden has spoken on the Taiwan issue confirming that America will back Taiwan against any Chinese intervention. The United States policy does not support Taiwan’s independence, yet America has consistently supported Taiwan over many decades.

The United States’ position regarding Taiwan is centered on three US State Department policies. The US will oppose any regime change or takeover of the small island country. Whether military force will be used and at what levels is a decision the Biden Administration ad Congress may be forced to make in the coming weeks. 

China has been conducting naval maneuvers around the island of Taiwan in recent months. China claims Taiwan as its territory as part of President Xi’s one-China position. 

Seventy Chinese aircraft and 11 ships were in a standoff with Taiwanese vessels when the Chinese crossed the Taiwan Strait Straitedian Line last Sunday, an unofficial DMZ that separates the two nations. 

The latest Chinese Naval exercises are the first to simulate an attack on Taiwan which signaled a possible escalation of warlike posturing between the US and China.