Chris Wallace Shocked To Learn What Hugh Jackman Thought A Wolverine Was

( Hugh Jackman assumed Wolverine was a fictional animal that is half-wolf when he took the iconic role of Wolverine in the X-Men franchise. CNN anchor Chris Wallace was astounded to learn this.

According to a report, Hugh Jackman and James Cameron are featured in the most recent interviews from the second season of Wallace’s series Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace. In his interview with Jackman, Wallace questioned the actor directly if he had taken steroids to bulk up for the role of Wolverine, and they both chuckled about Jackman’s lack of zoological knowledge.

Wallace said Jackman got so buff for these films. Nine Wolverine films exist. And over the years, some have wondered, did he juice? Did he take steroids?

Jackman said he didn’t.  He claimed he did it the old-fashioned way and consumed more chickens. He jokingly apologized to all vegans, vegetarians, and chickens worldwide.

Wallace asked if it was true that Jackman mistakenly believed the Wolverine to be a wolf and began researching wolf movements. And then someone had to inform him that it was a Wolverine.

Jackman said Wallace’s research is excellent.  Never before had he read the comic book. He won a role he didn’t know very much about.  Australia lacks wolverines. He was unaware that it was a real animal and believed it to be a fictional animal.  The director questioned his motives when he walked into the audition room, demonstrating wolf-like movements.

Jackman responded that as a Wolverine, he is part wolf.

The director said no. He was a Wolverine.

Jackman explained to the director that there were no wolverines.

The director told him to go to the zoo. To Jackman’s embarrassment, there he found an actual wolverine.

Wallace tells Jackman that should he ever be cast as a wolf, he is prepared. Jackman agreed that he was absolutely prepared.

Yikes! That incident proves the saying that actors are hired for their looks, not their intelligence.