Democrat Mayor Requests “Private Time” As New York Is Hit With Deadly Winter

( New York City Mayor Eric Adams defended himself on Wednesday after being criticized last week for leaving the city as the Big Apple prepared for a bad winter storm over the Christmas holiday.

Adams told reporters that every mayor went away, and he believed that he deserved some time to himself.

Adams, a retired police captain who took office last January, is said to have taken a few days off last week to visit the U.S. Virgin Islands while the city of 8.8 million people prepared for the winter blast.

Reports show western New York was hit by a once-in-a-generation winter storm that also hit much of the rest of the country. It caused dangerous conditions that left more than a million people without power and killed nearly 30 people in the Buffalo area.

Governor Kathy Hochul declared a state of emergency for New York last week. But New York City’s mayor felt like he had to leave the big city before the natural disaster hit.

Adams claimed that he should be able to leave the building without a reporter hiding behind a flowerpot or someone else following him. He “deserves” a moment of calm, and there will be many days when his body and mind tell him that he needs to get away.

Is he a mayor or a yoga instructor?

Local reports said that Adams put the first deputy mayor in charge of the city while he was away. First Deputy Mayor Lorraine Grillo defended her boss.

Of course.

Eric Adams said that the city charter does not say that the mayor has to tell the New York City Press where he is. Adams said he wasn’t going to do that, and he’s not going to apologize for having the mind and body it takes to do the second hardest job in American politics.

I would suggest the people in New York City read their city charter and confirm that. Maybe they’ll find interesting things in the charter they weren’t aware of that can remedy the stupidity in the city.