Donald Trump’s Rise May Mark The End Of Fox News

( According to the national security news site 19fortyfive, Fox News is getting into more and deeper legal hot water due to a defamation lawsuit filed by the voting tech company Dominion Voting Systems.  The purportedly right-leaning news network is exposing itself to possible legal peril each day. 

The report shows email chatter has come to light that seems to show Fox News hosts disagreed with claims that Dominion changed votes on purpose to help Joe Biden win in 2020. 

The investigation has the potential to reach the highest levels of leadership at Fox, including Rupert Murdoch. 

The trial for the defamation lawsuit is scheduled to take place in April, according to court files that Dominion has submitted, which allege to reveal discussions between  Fox officials. 

Rupert Murdoch has stated that he was aware of the insignificance of the vote fraud case and the lack of a link between Dominion and any illegal activity. According to a message, he referred to the viewpoint of Fox News as staying between craziness and truth. 

Yet, according to a report, Fox has responded by filing a counterclaim alleging that Dominion is attempting to stifle the freedom of the media and speech.

Throughout the months-long investigation, it was discovered that many workers of Dominion had sent damning communication revealing critical failures of the company’s equipment. 

According to the sales manager Mark Beckstrand, there have been instances in the past when unauthorized third parties obtained Dominion’s equipment. 

Beckstrand confessed that a Dominion system in Michigan was compromised, in addition to acknowledging that there were credibly documented incidents of Dominion system security problems in Georgia and North Carolina. 

Eric Coomer, director of Product Strategy and Security at Dominion, declared in 2019 that the company’s “products suck.” 

Coomer then admitted that their machines were riddled with “bugs” in 2020. 

According to Just The News, Coomer said in 2019 that virtually all of Dominion’s failures were the consequence of a poor job in how the machines were set up and installed, and it was a critical issue that led to inaccurate results.  Coomer believed that the company did not successfully address its deficiencies.