Iran Threatens To Destroy New York

( According to a video on Bisimchi Media’s Telegram channel, Iran can convert its “peaceful nuclear program into a nuclear weapons program.”

The channel recently published the video titled “When Will Iran’s Sleeping Nuclear Warheads Awaken.”

Iran International reports that the film also asserts that New York City might be reduced to “hellish ruins” by Iranian ballistic missiles. According to the Iranian film, Israel and the West might strike the nuclear facility at Natanz.

Meanwhile, hapless Joe Biden continues to pursue a billion-dollar deal with the radical Islamic government in Iran; he ignores the country’s uprising. On his watch, Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps-affiliated Telegram channels have threatened to attack US cities. In 2018, President Donald Trump pulled out of the $100 billion nuclear agreement with Iran, describing it as a “horrible, one-sided deal that should have never been struck,” and reinstituted strict sanctions on the Islamic government.

The video claims that Iran may develop nuclear weapons “in the shortest possible time” if attacked by the US or Israel. They also boast of their fortifications. According to the film, the Fordow nuclear material enrichment facility is shielded against trench-busting bombs and even atomic detonation since they were deep in the Iranian mountains.

The video states:

“Fordow will quickly go on war footing and start the nuclear breakout project within a short time if Natanz falls under missile assault. All infrastructures necessary for nuclear breakout have been created in it.”

According to Texas Representative Pat Fallon, Joe Biden’s Iran approach has been focused on resurrecting the 2015 Iran nuclear deal. A pact that benefits a homicidal government is a strategic mistake rather than an accord. It is time for us to choose a different course.

Reports say that the Biden administration has quietly extended several sanctions exemptions that allow Russia and Iran to collaborate on the nuclear activity at Iranian enrichment plants.

According to the news source, “Secretary of State Antony Blinken approved the waivers on January 31; however, Congress was not alerted of the decision until late February 3.”

According to senior congressional sources, the Biden administration is allegedly attempting to hide the sanctions waivers.

We need a strong leader, not someone who threatens American lives.