James O’Keefe Scheduled To Speek At CPAC 

(NewsGlobal.com)- This week’s CPAC will feature James O’Keefe, creator of Project Veritas, who was reportedly fired in a Board of Directors coup last week. 

CPAC founder Matt Schlapp made the announcement to Steve Bannon during his War Room podcast. 

Schlapp said he had “news to share.” He said many listeners have been trying to make sense of the reports they’ve read regarding James O’Keefe at Project Veritas. He said he and James had been in contact and “plans to visit soon.” 

He said if you want to come to cheer on James O’Keefe and the “rest of us” who get the sharp end of the stick and the horns from the left, you may do so at CPAC in Washington, D.C. 

Schlapp believes we all need to be there for James, and he thinks everyone will “want to hear what he has to say.” 

In 2021, before he was expelled from the group he started in 2011, O’Keefe appeared at CPAC and advocated for whistleblowers who had worked for progressive tech corporations. 

Sixteen workers of the news organization Project Veritas released a document on February 6 detailing their complaints about the company’s founder and their claims that he had engaged in “cruel conduct.” 

Included in the memo was an opinion by one worker who said James had become a power-mad dictator and is precisely who he pontificates about who Project Veritas should be exposing. 

After O’Keefe was fired, Project Veritas lost more than 200,000 followers on social media. 

James O’Keefe gained followers. 

O’Keefe has been accused of “financial misfeasance” by the board of directors of Project Veritas. It claims the former chairman misused funds by, for example, taking charter flights and buying theater tickets for himself using money contributed to the organization. 

Project Veritas’ tax-exempt status might likely be jeopardized if the allegations of misappropriation of money are proven true. There is a prohibition on using the funds of a tax-exempt organization to benefit any people, including the organization’s leaders and key donors. While it is allowed to compensate its workers, the organization’s executives and employees cannot accept perks that give the appearance that the tax-exempt status is being abused.