Jenna Ellis Disbarment Push Fails Miserably  

( The push to disbar Jenna Ellis failed after the presiding judge only moved to censure her, according to The Post Millennial. The former senior legal advisor to Donald Trump was targeted by the leftist group “65 Project,” a nonprofit that was formed in 2021 to reportedly hold lawyers accountable for pushing “fraudulent” allegations about the stolen 2020 election.  

The complaint alleged that Ellis “abused the court system” in her pursuit to overturn the election. Ellis’ role when working for the former president was to look at the election results in battleground states and determine their accuracy.  

The investigation began with Colorado Attorney Regulation Counsel Jessica Yates looking into previous statements made by the attorney. But Ellis eventually conceded to the case and said that some statements she had made about the election were “misrepresentations,” according to the Colorado Newsline 

Presiding Disciplinary Judge Bryon M. Large, who reportedly has his pronouns on a plaque in his courtroom, decided to just censure the attorney, to which Ellis agreed. He noted that the agreement includes accepting her misrepresentations about the election which were made with a “reckless state of mind.” Large then accused Ellis of making statements that eroded the public trust in elections, which goes against her oath to tell the truth to the American public.  

Speaking to The Post Millennial, Ellis said that the push to disbar her came from “Democrats and Never Trumpers” who ultimately failed as she remains in good standing in the state of Colorado. Her attorney Michael Melito reiterated Ellis’ good standing and said that despite this intense political environment, keeping her license to practice was the right decision.  

While advising Trump in 2020, Ellis reportedly made statements saying that they can prove that the election was stolen in Nevada, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Georgia.  

No other charges against Ellis are being pursued at this time.