Lawmakers Vote To Overrule Controversial Veto

The State Senate is racing the clock to decide whether or not to overrideĀ  North Dakota Governor Burgum’s veto of a bill regulating elections.

On Monday, the State House overrode Burgum’s veto of a moratorium on approval and ranked-choice voting, which he imposed last week. The new law will go into effect on August 1 if the state senate approves it. Fargo Mayor Tim Mahoney defended approval voting in an interview with WDAY Midday on Tuesday, saying the city has seen favorable results since its implementation in 2018 and will consider its options for the future of elections once the current session concludes.

As the legislative session continues in Bismarck, the Governor has made a few decisions, and a veto has been officially overridden, which has significant implications for the future of voting in Fargo.

Two measures prohibiting transgender women from participating in women’s sports at the elementary, secondary, and tertiary levels have been signed into law by Governor Doug Burgum.

In a statement released Tuesday, he claimed that House Bill 1249 “preserves athletics for girls and boys under traditional Title IX protections.” According to Burgum, no transgender female athletes have tried to compete in the recent two years. Twenty other states with Republican governors have instituted bans or limits on transgender female athletes.

A private school voucher plan is also making its way through the Senate.

For some families, the law would help defray the expense of private school tuition. It would allot $10 million from the state’s general revenue for tuition assistance. The bill’s many changes include requiring all program funds to be used only for tuition and a means test for eligible families.

According to Governor Burgum, Cigar lounges will soon be legal in North Dakota.

On Tuesday, he approved a law allowing cigar bars to open, provided they made at least 15% of their money from tobacco sales. Ventilation systems and complete enclosure of buildings are also required. On August 1st, the new law will also take effect.