Newsmax Host Says Nikki Haley Is “Doomed”

( A host at Newsmax, Greg Kelly, criticized Nikki Haley’s intention to seek the Republican presidential nomination in 2024, claiming that her campaign is doomed due to remarks she made about former President Donald Trump in 2021.

A report shows Kelly outright rejected Haley’s bid for office.

The Post and Courier in Charleston reported that Haley, a former governor of South Carolina, would declare her candidacy on February 15. Additionally, she represented Trump as ambassador to the UN.

Kelly mocked Nikki Haley’s belief that she could be president, calling the action a big mistake.

Kelly said politicians stand for nothing because he remembers Nikki Haley saying that she would never do what she’s going to do.

He played a clip of Haley responding to a reporter’s query in April 2021, during which she stated that she would not oppose Trump if he decided to run for president in 2024.

In the video, a reporter asked Haley if she would support Donald Trump if he ran again in 2024.

Haley answered yes without hesitation.

The reporter questioned if Haley would consider running for president impossible if Donald Trump decides he will run.

She answered that if President Trump ran, she wouldn’t.

Greg Kelly remarked that Haley lost. Her campaign is already doomed.

Reports show numerous GOP strategists think that Nikki Haley lacks a support base and will have to prove herself in a race that is certain to get competitive in the upcoming months.

Republican strategist and columnist Kristin Tate cable media that Nikki Haley has a small support base outside the Beltway. Although the majority of conservative Americans do not view her as a key figure on the populist right, she embraced Donald Trump when it was politically advantageous to her own career.  Tate thinks her chances of winning the presidency are slim.

Tate contends that Trump and DeSantis are engaged in the true battle for the soul of the GOP, and concludes that Haley’s candidacy might harm DeSantis’ chances of winning the presidency if he decides to run.