Obama’s “Hope” Poster Artists Turns Against Woke Culture 

(NewsGlobal.com)- Former Obama campaign poster designer Shepard Fairey, who created the iconic “Hope” image, recently blasted cancel culture in an interview with Sky News, saying that it has made people too timid to share their minds. 

The famed street artist said in an interview published in mid-February that he believes many individuals are frightened of speaking an opinion in their workplace that others could disagree with. 

He said it’s a significant drawback to cancel culture. 

Fairey advocated for diversity in the arts by noting that he had portrayed several notable personalities, both White and non-White, to ensure that all communities felt represented in his work. 

He argued that we all must be treated respectfully, and representation counts. He said that some people had told him he was a white guy and shouldn’t paint anything other than white people. 

But his “woke” detractors have criticized him for being “narrow-minded and exclusive.” And still, others say he exploits other cultures. 

Moreover, he said the debate generates discussion about who can address specific topics and why. 

He eschews wokeness, saying that if the assumption is that he need not say anything because he’s a straight white guy, he won’t listen. 

Fairey is known for going against the grain with his street art and has painted a wide range of celebrities, from Obama to professional wrestler Andre the Giant. 

The iconic “We the People Are Bigger Than Fear” poster, which features a Muslim lady covering her head with an American flag, was also designed by him. 

He urged people to take a stand via their creative endeavors as he does. But if you think the world is fine the way it is, you can always paint decoratively. If you think it needs changing, say something with your art.