Reporter Makes Damning Admission About Ron DeSantis Story

Ana Kasparian, the executive producer of “The Young Turks” admitted that it was a mistake for TYT to cover conspiracy theorist Rebekah Jones’s false claim that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis ordered the arrest of her son.

During last Wednesday’s “The Young Turks,” Kasparian spent about 15 minutes outlining all of the lies Rebekah Jones has spread and the subsequent legal problems she faced, and closed off the segment by admitting that TYT falsely repeated Jones’s lies about her son’s arrest because Kasparian, like Jones, dislikes Governor DeSantis.

Kasparian explained that she wanted to “correct all of those errors” made in TYT’s previous reporting, adding that she wanted to make it clear that as the executive producer of the show, she alone should be held responsible for the false reporting.

Kasparian acknowledged that a big part of the reason for the screw-up is she has “all these biases” against Governor DeSantis whom she believes has “done some pretty terrible things” in Florida. However, she said those biases blinded her to the facts.

Saying she should have “done my due diligence,” Kasparian admitted that she “failed to do so.” And because of that, she “misled the audience” into believing that Jones is “some sort of hero.”

Kasparian closed the segment by saying she wanted to make sure that she corrected the errors TYT reported so viewers get “accurate information.” She also said she wanted to ensure that she doesn’t help “someone who might be a grifter” to raise money from TYT audience members.

Jones, the fraudulent “whistleblower” who falsely claimed Governor DeSantis was hiding the actual number of COVID cases, two weeks ago claimed that Governor DeSantis had her 13-year-old son arrested as retribution for her filing a lawsuit against the Florida Department of Health.

In reality, her son was arrested for threatening a school shooting on social media.