The 40 Abandoned Disney Attractions Everyone Forgets About

( The listicle site Taco Relish highlighted forty former Disney attractions that are no longer in service.

Among the long-gone attractions Taco Relish listed was Walt Disney World’s River Country, the water park it opened in 1976. While the slides are still in place and the pools are still filled with water, River Country has been abandoned since 2005.

Another attraction, Discovery Island, the pirate-themed amusement park that opened in 1974 to mark the popular Disney film “Treasure Island,” closed in 1999 after Disney opened Animal Kingdom.

In 1998, Disney opened the Discovery River Boats to transport guests around Animal Kingdom. But the Discovery River Boats are already defunct.

The Epcot Imagination Pavilion once featured a tunnel on the second floor called Rainbow Corridor. The feature opened in 1982 and became a popular attraction after Michael Jackson did a photoshoot there.

But the Rainbow Corridor closed in 1998 when ImageWorks was moved to the first floor. In 2019, Disney announced it planned to reinstall the rainbow tunnel in the new Epcot Experience Center sometime in 2023.

In 1983, Disney closed down the Plaza Swan Boats. Some of the original swan boats were auctioned off to fans.

Disney opened the Skyway providing quick travel between Tomorrowland and Fantasyland in Disney’s Magic Kingdom in 1971. The Skyway was closed down in the late 1990s but it wasn’t until years later that the loading station at Tomorrowland, along with the pylons and cables were demolished.

In 1973, Disney opened the fully-operational steam train Fort Wilderness Railroad which ran through the Fort Wilderness Campground. It is unclear why this attraction was closed down in the 1980s.

Disney’s popular attraction 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, which featured twelve 38-person submarines that could travel a 12 million gallon water tank, was forced to shut down in 1994.

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