They Won’t Punish A Black Girl Who Strangled A White Student

( Last week, a mother from Fairfax County, Virginia shared video footage showing her son getting strangled by another student on the school bus on January 23.

In the blog post on her website Modma, Taylor Brock explains that she found out that her son had been strangled on the bus when he arrived home with red welts on his neck.

According to Brock, the girl who assaulted him on the bus is the same one who stole from him several months earlier. At the time of the theft, officials from Walt Whitman Middle School told Brock that they would “take care of it.”

After she received the video from another student on the bus, Brock discovered that this was the second time this student had strangled her son.

With the video in hand, Brock went to Walt Whitman to show school officials the assault as well as photographs she had taken of her son’s injuries believing that the school would take action against the student.

While school officials said action would be taken, they refused to tell Brock what specifically would be done, according to her blog post.

Brock writes that she then went to court to get an order of protection against the girl, which stipulated that she had to stay at least 50 feet away from Brock’s son at all times.

She later found out from her son that the girl was already back at school after being suspended for the attack. While school officials assured Brock that her son would not share any classes with the strangler, she still passed by him in the halls every day and even sat behind him in the lunchroom, despite the protection order.

In her blog post, Brock calls for parents to “hold schools accountable,” explaining that she shared this incident in hopes that parents would be prompted to speak out and “stand together.”

In a statement to Fox 5, Fairfax County Public Schools refused to comment on the incident except to say that it was handled “in line with the student discipline manual.”