Trump Calls Special Counsel A “Terrorist”

( The special counsel looking into how the former president handled official documents discovered at his Mar-a-Lago home in August received a barrage of criticism from Donald Trump.

Despite Trump’s claims to the contrary, the federal government claims the materials are declassified. Whichever the case, they were scheduled to be transferred to the National Archives after Trump’s presidency.

Trump responded to the news this week that President Joe Biden was discovered to be in possession of federal documents, some of which are classified, during an appearance on Thursday’s episode of The Mark Levin Show.

He was vice president when the material was written. Documents have so far been located in three different places. The National Archives also ought to have received this data.

According to the White House, the Department of Justice and the National Archives were immediately contacted, and a special counsel was hired to look into the situation independently of the Trump case.

“Biden took them, and as vice president, he doesn’t have the right to do this,” Trump said. “It’s a very serious problem, but it’s not a problem for me. I’m allowed to do that.”

In addition, the former president stated that he anticipates finding more records in Biden’s hands. Additionally, he blasted Special Counsel Jack Smith, who is looking into Trump.

He added, “But this prosecutor needs to step down.” Trump said that “he’s a terrorist.” He also noted that he is a Trump hater.

Trump said that the judge’s best friends are Andrew Weissmann and “all of these characters,” including Lisa Monaco at the Justice Department, one of the top officials. “This is a disgraceful situation. He should resign. His wife hates Trump, probably even beyond him. And his wife and his wife has a sister who openly hates like, a level that you can’t even believe.”

Trump added, “I did nothing wrong. What they did is not good. What they did is bad.”