Trump Vows To Sieze Endowments From Universities

On Tuesday, former President Trump denounced the “Marxist” takeover of institutions. In this epic speech, he committed to altering the accrediting process to reflect better the ideals upon which Western civilization and the American way of life are founded.

These comments were made in a campaign video titled “Higher Education,” in which he expressed a desire to confiscate the endowments of any school that practices affirmative action.

He said when he gets back to the White House, he will eliminate the far-left accreditors who have allowed Marxist maniacs and lunatics to take over our schools. As soon as that occurs, he assured us, we would begin seeking new accreditors in the hopes that they will restore open university standards.

Trump said that protecting American and Western values, safeguarding the right to free speech, and getting rid of unnecessary administrative roles that increase costs will all be part of the new set of standards.

Tuition at American colleges and universities has risen considerably over the past several years. He said the time had come to reclaim our once-great universities from the far left. The formal recognition of educational institutions’ quality will be our trump card. 

This process is referred to as “accreditation” for a reason. Accrediting agencies have failed terribly to ensure corrupt educational institutions do not exploit students and the government.

Trump said he plans to instill these values in college students by eliminating Marxist diversity, equity, and inclusion bureaucrats, expanding access to affordable higher education, enhancing job-seeker resources, and instituting a “merit-based” system of financial aid. 

He will instruct the Department of Justice to file federal civil rights charges against institutions that practice racial discrimination or cover up overtly discriminatory practices in the name of equity. To remedy this situation, I propose taxing their endowments at total value and punishing them up to that amount through budget reconciliation.

He said some seized property would be used to compensate victims of these unfair regulations. The hundreds of billions of dollars given to American schools by law-abiding taxpayers will finally allow us to eliminate this anti-American rubbish from our classrooms.