Tucker Carlson Says It’s Humiliating To Help Zelensky, A Former “Strip Club Manager”

(NewsGlobal.com)- Right after the Ukrainian president spoke to a joint session of Congress on Wednesday night, Tucker Carlson criticized Volodymyr Zelensky.

Since Russia invaded Ukraine in February to seize Kyiv and depose Zelensky as president, the country has been under siege. Those initiatives have so far fallen short because the Russian military now finds itself trapped in Ukraine.

Throughout the slightly longer than 20-minute speech, Zelensky wore his signature brown fatigues. His comments were broadcast on Fox News, and they took up the first three minutes of Tucker Carlson. Tonight.

Zelensky requested more aid in his speech, and Carlson, who has long opposed the billions of dollars in aid the US has sent to Ukraine, wasted no time criticizing him.

He told his audience that as far as we know, nobody has ever addressed the United States Congress in a sweatshirt, but “they love him much more than they love you.”

Zelensky had visited the White House earlier in the day, and the Fox News host characterized the Ukrainian president thusly:

“The president of Ukraine arrived at the White House dressed like the manager of a strip club and started to demand money.”

Carlson said that, amazingly, nobody ejected him. Instead, they carried out his instructions. Zelensky will continue to receive whatever he requests from American taxpayers for “as long as it takes,” according to Joe Biden.

The Fox host said that Biden never clarified what “it” is, which is telling. To what does “as long as it takes” refer? Redirect the Russian army to the frontiers before the invasion? Sounds logical. The majority of Americans who pay attention are likely to believe that. However, that is not what Zelensky means or what he is requesting.

Carlson then remarked that Zelensky demanded the overthrow of Putin as a prerequisite for peace negotiations.

Carlson claimed that helping Ukraine “goes toward that end.”

Every dollar sent to Zelensky goes toward achieving that, he continued, and that is what he has repeatedly demanded. What happens if he ‘wins’ then? What kind of chaos results from that? Considering that? As soon as we assist Zelensky in overthrowing the Russian government, who will possess the largest nuclear arsenal? Who will succeed Putin?

Good questions.