U.S. Government Cracking Down On CCP-Linked “Mafia”

Two individuals from New York have been detained on suspicion of running a Beijing-affiliated secret police post in the city’s financial district. More than 40 Chinese operatives have been arrested concerning several instances, alleging their participation in schemes assisting the communist regime’s global intimidation and propaganda activities.

In 2015, when Xi visited the United States, two men were detained for allegedly running a local Chinese group that arranged busloads of pro-Beijing fans to fly to Washington and act as counter-protesters.

Huaqiao University, a Chinese public university, estimates that by 2020 there will be 60 million Chinese living in countries other than China, with around 1 in 12 residing in the United States. The United Front Work Department, a major state body leading Beijing’s influence efforts to silence dissidents and co-opt Western organizations into toeing the Party line, is in charge of the institution.

The CCP employs several methods to control this expanding population, including spying, physical attacks, cyber threats, harassment, and pressure exerted on family members located in China of targeted people.

Transnational repression describes a widespread endeavor. Multiple think tank investigations have concluded that Beijing’s effort is unprecedented in magnitude and complexity.

According to a report, representing a minor but significant win for American sovereignty and dissidents escaping persecution who have made America their home, Rep. Michael Gallagher (R-Wis.) stated that the capture of CCP operatives engaged with the construction of the illegal CCP police station in New York. 

The US must continue to be a safe haven for those fleeing oppression, not a playground for despots.

This week, the FBI assisted in the closure of a Chinese “police station” in New York City after the detention of two suspected agents, but more such groups are operating throughout the United States.

Recent research by Safeguard Defenders details the existence of two Chinese police stations in New York City and one in Los Angeles, California. One is located above a restaurant in Manhattan’s Chinatown. “Overseas service stations” were found in cities in Minnesota and Nebraska in addition to those in New York and Los Angeles.