UFO-Like Object Found In Desert

A Welsh hiker has discovered an unidentified object while walking in hills near the Welsh-English border in the United Kingdom. Craig Muir recorded his findings and posted them to social media. The clip shows a standing silver monolith, which he said had been secured to the ground, but there were no signs of disturbance around the base. Measuring around 12 feet high, the strange objects have been noted before, including in the United States, but their identity and purpose remain a mystery.

In 2020, state wildlife officials discovered a similar object in the Utah desert while conducting a sheep count. Helicopter pilot Bret Hutchings first spotted the reflective monolith and told local reporters he believed it was placed there by “some new wave artist or something.” He added, however, that it was the strangest thing he had seen in many years of flying.

The Utah Department of Public Safety issued a statement reminding whoever was responsible that it is illegal to install artworks on federal land without permission, “no matter what planet you’re from.” Some people speculate that the strange objects’ appearance is the work of extraterrestrial beings attempting to communicate with humans.

The monoliths were also discovered in Belgium, Romania, New Mexico, and Southern California in a desert midway between San Francisco and Los Angeles in December 2020. All of these structures disappeared days after discovery, and despite many theories, there is no confirmed explanation for them.

Atascadero residents Travis Kenney, Randall Kenney, Wade McKenzie, and Jared Riddle claim they are responsible for the Californian structures, and many believe that other people worldwide are inspired to install their own copycat versions.

One of the objects appeared near Piatra Neamt in Romania, and its Mayor, Andrei Carabelea, put forward his own theory. He joked that cheeky teenage aliens had left their UFO and started planting metal structures around the world. Mr. Carabelea appeared excited that it may bring tourism to his town, but it disappeared the next day.