GOP Rep Believes Trump Is ‘Scared’ Of Chris Christie

A GOP insider believes Donald Trump is scared to death of Chris Christie. Adam Kinzinger, a former Republican Representative for Illinois, spoke to CNN and said Trump is a coward for refusing to participate in the opening GOP primary debate in Milwaukee, adding that he did not do so because Chris Christie would “wipe the floor” with him.

Christie is perhaps the most outspoken of the Republican candidates in his criticism and condemnation of Mr. Trump. He describes the former President as a con man who is lying to the American public. Christie is the only primary contender to state specifically that he is running as an anti-Trump option.

Former President Trump skipped the first debate and appears intent on skipping them in the future. He said Americans already know who he is and are aware of the successes of his Presidency. Instead, he opted to do a sit-down interview with ex-Fox host Tucker Carlson. The discussion was posted to Twitter just minutes before the debate got underway, and while there is some dispute over its viewing figures, most estimates suggest tens of millions of people tuned in.

Questioned by Carlson on his absence from the debate, he described Fox – the organizer – as unfriendly, and Governor Ron DeSantis as a “lost cause” once backed by the network. He labeled his most outspoken critic Mr. Christie “a maniac” and a “lunatic” and said he should not be running for President.

Opinion on the winners and losers in Milwaukee vary among commentators and journalists from the left and right wing of politics. Most believe Trump won by his absence, as it made him the most significant and notable figure. Furthermore, only Chris Christie and Asa Hutchinson said they would not support Trump should be win the nomination, signaling that the other candidates feel obliged to express loyalty.

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel chose Vivek Ramaswamy as the victor from among those present, whereas the New York Times opted for Nikki Haley.