Atlantic City Dem Mayor & Wife Arrested For Violence Towards Child

Throughout the history of the United States, it was often believed by immigrants that the country was so affluent and abound with opportunity that in some cases, the streets were “paved with gold”. Indeed, while this exaggeration was most likely never truly believable, America has long been looked to as a beacon of freedom, prosperity and opportunity. Millions of individuals try to desperately immigrate legally to the nation each year, and millions more do so illegally. Unfortunately, though, in the modern sense, the union is not the place it once was. Since president Joe Biden first entered the White House in January of 2021, things have been downright dark in the U.S.. Record levels of inflation brought about by the Presidents irresponsible spending agenda continue to crush the shrinking middle class, and wages have not kept up with inflation. Families are struggling to make ends meet, and a vast majority of the public is not confident of the direction in which the nation is headed. Overall, things are not bright in contemporary America.

While the former president Donald Trump faces four criminal indictments, House Republicans have attempted impeachment against the current 46th President Joe Biden. GOP representatives alleged Bidens involvement in foreign business deals was corrupt while serving in public office and have attempted to subpoena the financial records of his son Hunter. When questioned on the matter, Representative Pat Fallon from Texas stated to the media outlet Newsmax that an impeachment inquiry would not haven launched without evidence to support it.

As the circus-show of politics in Washington D.C. continues as usual, one Democratic public servant in a deep blue state at the federal level is in hot water. The mayor of Atlantic City, New Jersey, a well-known casino town on the shore in the southern portion of the state, has been arrested for committing child abuse after allegedly beating his daughter. His wife was also arrested- a superintendent.