Poll Shows 37% Americans Want Biden to Ask Israel to Halt Gaza War

In contemporary times, the state of American politics is tumultuous and tense. Since the 46th President of America Joe Biden entered the oval office in January 2021, the United States has generally experienced a climate of instability and uncertainty in both domestic and international affairs. Within the union, working class Americans continue to grapple with high levels of inflation; in 2022 levels soared to 40-year highs. This inflation, brought about by reckless federal spending, is only one of many problems gripping the American nation in the present. Since 2021, illegal migrants have crossed the country’s southern border with Mexico, and crime levels have soared in cities and suburbs across the country. Internationally, the Biden administration has also delivered lackluster results for the American people. In the summer of 2021, Biden committed a serious foreign policy blunder when he botched the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan and 13 marines were killed in the process.

Across all 50 states, working class citizens have grappled with the effects of record levels of inflation not witnessed in decades brought about by reckless government spending. At the southern border, over 5 million illegal migrants have crossed the porous region into the nation since 2021, and above all Biden has appeared powerless, confused, and incompetent in the face of the problems. Only 26% believe the president possesses the cognitive ability to perform the duties of the presidency; these statistics were produced by the media outlet the Hill in early September of 2023.

War has been raging in the Middle East since October 2023, and the conflict appears to be escalating once again as Iran has now been directly firing missiles at Israel and the U.S. military has been powerless to stop it. 37% of Americans said Biden should urge Israel to agree to a ceasefire in the conflict, albeit reality that other nations are the aggressors assaulting the Jewish state. Islamic nations would preferably make Israel nonexistent.