Ron DeSantis Calls Kamala Harris Biden’s “Insurance” Plan

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis called Vice President Kamala Harris Biden’s “impeachment insurance money,” according to Newsmax. His comments come as Rep. Lauren Boebert led a vote to impeach Biden. House Republicans were not enthused, and the resolution will likely not be pursued. 

During a town hall in North Augusta, South Carolina, DeSantis joked and said that the reaction of many when Biden picked Harris as the vice president was “Wow, why did he do that? Because obviously she’s got issues.” He continued to say that the choice is understandable because she works as a deterrent for impeachment. If Biden is impeached, he said, then Harris becomes the president, but no one actually likes her. 

Pursuing impeachment against Biden has been favorable to the more conservative and populist factions of the Republican Party, whereas House Speaker Kevin McCarthy is reportedly against the measure. Where some see impeachment as a political distraction from other issues, Boebert’s resolution focuses on “high crimes and misdemeanors” for Biden’s mismanagement of the border. 

Illegal immigrants are currently being transported across the United States and released into the interior. New York City is facing a particularly distressing situation where schools were being considered for sheltering the migrants, according to American Pigeon. New York Council Member Ari Kagan said that he places the blame on the Biden administration’s open border policies. Mayor Eric Adams is also requesting federal support as the city is overwhelmed. 

Since President Trump’s time in office, impeachment has become a political weapon to wield against one’s opponent. Professor Alan Dershowitz claimed that it destroys the will of voters. He has also called on the Biden administration to stop weaponizing the Justice Department against Trump in its attempt to get him not to run for president. 

Trump is currently facing two indictments. One for his alleged hush money payments to adult film star Stormy Daniels and the other for his alleged mishandling of classified documents.