Trump Vows Immediate Law To Protect Children From Gender Surgeries

Ex-President Donald Trump made some bold promises to an enthusiastic gathering at the Faith & Freedom Coalition conference in Georgia. Trump has promised to sign legislation banning transgender surgery on minors if re-elected. 

President Trump’s speech also demonstrated his resolve to reinstate the ban on transgender people serving in the armed forces and the prohibition of performing transgender surgery on minors. His outspoken views have caused controversy between those who back his attempts to safeguard women’s participation in sports and the armed forces and others who advocate for transgender rights and acceptance.

The conservative crowd, however, erupted in cheers when Trump criticized the practice of gender-affirming hormones and surgeries for minors and expressed surprise that it was even on the table.

He also announced his intention to restrict male participation in female athletics. 

The former president’s supporters were deeply moved by his stances on safeguarding youngsters from irreversible treatments and defending the honor of women’s sports. He said it was necessary to prevent transgender people from having an unfair edge in sports by keeping the playing field level.

Trump stated that on day one, he would reinstate the Trump ban on transgenders in the military. He declared that a soldier’s attention should be directed toward destroying the United States adversaries and projecting an image of supremacy.

Given the threats the globe confronts, he said, it is more crucial than ever that the military be prepared, and appeasing “radical gender ideology” would hurt the strong image he feels the United States military needs to convey.

The president’s unwavering position on these matters has been met with support and criticism. His backers say they share his concern for women’s and children’s rights and his want to keep the military strong. However, detractors claim this amounts to discrimination against transgender people and reinforces negative perceptions.

Earlier this year, Trump declared his intention to punish doctors and hospitals who perform gender-affirming “care.”