Biden Approves new Chinese Operation On U.S. Soil

Not only will the feds not stop a Chinese company that makes batteries for electric vehicles (Gotion) from setting up shop in Michigan, they will fork over $175 million of American taxpayer money to assist them.

The Treasury Department’s interagency Committee on Foreign Investment declared on Tuesday that the project was outside their authority to stop since it was unrelated to the Defence Production Act.

Gotion’s Chuck Thelen said they voluntarily filled out all needed documents. After stopping the project to seek government review, Gotion will resume its operations.

The parent company’s corporate bylaws say that it must carry out Party activities under the Constitution of the Communist Party of China.

Michigan, often called a “climate refuge,” could have required the taxpayer-funded, CCP-affiliated Gotion to do an environmental impact study. 

Battery plants near our water sources should be examined and scrutinized.

Rep. John Moolenaar (R-MI), an opponent of the project, was outraged at the committee’s inaction.

Gotion has been secretive about the information it provided to CFIUS and the non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) it made Michigan authorities sign. Despite its insistence on secrecy, the bylaws of Gotion state that the company is carrying out communist party bidding.

Fox News reports that Michigan’s Democratic governor, Gretchen Whitmer, has claimed the $2.4 billion project will help the state cement its position as the “global hub of mobility and electrification.”

The state legislature authorized $175 million for the building project in April. At the time, some locals were furious.

An angry resident of the area, Marjorie Steele, expressed her displeasure with how the vote was handled. She said she was angry at the elected officials because they ignored the community’s pleas to table the vote until “due diligence could be performed.”

Joseph Cella is part of a panel investigating China’s expansion plans in Michigan, and he has told the media that this contract is terrible for the United States.

He warned that “subnational incursions” were underway.

The Chinese are on the prowl.