GOP Lawmaker Calls Ex-Ukraine Prosecutor’s Words To Attention

Louisiana Republican Representative Mike Johnson appeared on “Fox & Friends” to argue that former Ukrainian Prosecutor-General Viktor Shokin must be called to testify before Congress. As one member of the House Judiciary Committee put it, what many of us are already assuming concerning President Biden and his son Hunter’s participation in Shokin’s termination is verified by these new charges. Rep. Johnson said that every news outlet in the United States needs to use this as their front story.

In short, the president used $1 billion of American taxpayer money to bribe or coerce a foreign leader to remove Ukraine’s top prosecutor because he was investigating his son, Hunter Biden. And then he boasted about it on film. I don’t see why this isn’t the front story on all the morning news shows and ongoing coverage. Since Mr. Shokin was the president’s intended victim, his perspective is particularly relevant here. He feels there was bribery, which backs up the suspicions shared by numerous people.

The investigator for the Ukrainian energy firm Burisma, Viktor Shokin, has come out to say that he thinks then-Vice President Joe Biden and Hunter Biden, who received tens of thousands of dollars a month to sit on the company’s board, were bribed to get rid of Shokin.

In an interview with Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade, Shokin claimed he was terminated in 2016 as a result of investigating the Ukrainian natural gas company Burisma, where Hunter Biden was on the board.

Shokin also said that both Bidens took payments in connection with the case and that the former vice president’s actions damaged America’s image and paved the way for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Reports show Devon Archer, a business partner of Biden’s, testified before Congress last month and said that Burisma leaders had asked for Shokin to be fired.

Despite the propaganda media’s repeated denials and outright falsehoods, overwhelming evidence suggests that Biden used his position in the Obama administration to help the corporation that was paying his son to remove Shokin.