New Gender Law Could Make Children ‘Wards of the State’

A California mother expressed her worries over a new state policy that mandates judges to consider if a parent has acknowledged their child’s transgender identity during custody disputes. On Sunday, she cautioned that this policy might lead to unintended negative consequences.

“We’ve witnessed an ongoing trend that seems to undermine family and child values in California’s legislative sessions over recent years,” said Nicole Pearson, mother of three and part of the emerging “Protect Kids California” organization.

She questioned, “If both parents refrain from affirming their child’s identity due to their conservative beliefs, what are the consequences? Our interpretation of the law suggests it might risk the child’s well-being. Could this mean the state might deem both parents as negligent or abusive, potentially taking custody away? The child might end up under state care if no guardian is available. Everyone should be aware of these developments in California.”

Last Friday, the California State Assembly approved AB 957, much to the disappointment of those like Pearson, who believe this could threaten parental custody rights based on disagreements over a child’s gender identification.

Jonathan Zachreson, another advocate from “Protect Kids California,” expressed concern that such policies might become common nationwide. He remarked, “The trends we see in California spread elsewhere.” Zachreson, along with Erin Friday, another activist from the group, recently discussed potential 2024 ballot initiatives that aim to safeguard children.

These proposals include prohibiting minors from accessing gender-affirming procedures or puberty blockers, mandating schools to inform parents about changes in their child’s gender identity, and restricting biological males from participating in women’s sports.

Democratic Representative Lori Wilson initiated the bill, and on the assembly floor, Senator Scott Wiener stated that it’s always been a parent’s role to affirm their child, especially when their gender identity aligns with their biological gender. He added that it’s a parent’s responsibility to acknowledge their child’s gender identity.

However, Pearson described the bill as “dangerous” and “unconstitutional,” suggesting it might deter parents from seeking alternative support for children experiencing gender dysphoria. She emphasized children’s broader identity struggles, especially during tumultuous times like parental divorce.

Pearson believes that these children’s gender confusion could reflect deeper psychological issues. She commented, “Forcing parents to affirm this or risk losing their child is unconstitutional and hazardous. It might prevent parents from exploring other beneficial therapies.”

The Libs of TikTok account denounced it as extreme, and entrepreneur Elon Musk criticized it by stating, “This bill is deceptive. If parents disagree over medical procedures for their child, one might lose custody. It’s sheer madness!”

The bill awaits the consideration of Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom.