Poll Finds Biggest Challenges Biden Is Facing

CNN announced the results of a new survey on Thursday, showing that President Joe Biden’s support rating remains low, even among members of his own party.

Despite having a job approval rating of just 39% among all Americans questioned, 67% of Democrat and Democrat-leaning voters thought the party should choose someone other than Biden. As many as 58% of Americans think Biden’s initiatives have worsened the country’s economic situation.

In a Wall Street Journal survey conducted only last week, Donald Trump, the current frontrunner, beat out Joe Biden, the former vice president.

Trump maintained his lead over the other Republican presidential contenders in the same survey. Trump received the support of 52% of Republicans and independents who lean Republican.

The polls resemble previous surveys conducted recently about Biden’s economic policies. Sixty-three percent of Americans disapproved of Biden’s handling of the economy, according to a poll conducted by the Associated Press and the NORC Center for Public Affairs Research last month.

A report reveals that President Trump still maintains high poll numbers against President Joe Biden, who just returned from one of his most disastrous international tours ever.

Biden’s microphone was cut during a presser because of his volatile conduct during his trip to Vietnam. He spoke incoherently at one point, and in the midst of the chaos, he abruptly announced that he was leaving to go to bed.

In other news, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a contender for the Democrat presidential nomination, has criticized the Democratic National Committee (DNC) for its treatment of the rules and timeline in the primary election.

Kennedy wrote in an op-ed that by not hosting debates and favoring Biden in the primary timetable, the DNC is trying to prevent Democrat voters from picking their candidate. The DNC has lost the goal of the current primary system, meant to supplant hidden crony politics with a more transparent process.

Kennedy said his team has asked to meet with Chairman Jaime Harrison twice this week to discuss voting rights, but he has not heard from the DNC since June.