Attorneys General Go After Soros-Backed DAs

As crime in Democratic-run cities skyrockets like in New York City, Republican Attorneys General are going after Soros-backed district attorneys, according to The Daily Caller. Virginia and Georgia attorneys general are reportedly releasing two videos delineating their objectives to appoint prosecutors that will enforce the laws rather than allow criminals back on the streets. 

In the videos, Virginia Attorney General Jason Miyares and Georgia Attorney General Christopher Carr state that the “Defund the Police” movement and cashless bail have contributed to the rise in crime. In New York City, where residents continue to feel like the streets are becoming more dangerous, 92 percent of the population consider crime to be a somewhat or serious issue, according to The New York Post. Despite this number, however, the progressive caucus will not listen. 

Miyares states that “weak prosecutors” are to blame for the release of criminals. He says that the prosecutors are not incompetent but are doing it intentionally as part of a “movement” funded by networks of left-wing donors, including George Soros. Miyares’ claim is largely veritable as six major cities in the country have experienced spikes in thefts and homicides after liberal prosecutors were elected. 

These prosecutors are reportedly being funded by “shell organizations, affiliates, and pass-through committees” of George Soros. Foundation for Government Accountability (FGA) reported that the Soros-backed Texas Justice and Public Safety PAC and Missouri Safety and Justice Committee donated at least $40 million for campaigns, which makes up the majority (90 percent) of candidates’ funding. 

Miyares’ video claims that the Protecting Americans Action Fund has successfully helped elected pro-law prosecutors in states like Texas, North Carolina, Arizona, and Florida. Carr reiterates Miyares’ message in his video, noting that if nothing is done about the problem then the bad guys will win. He describes that in an environment in which criminals run loose, economies tend to hurt.