Camera Catches Dog Mauling Child on Tape

In a chilling incident, a large dog, believed to be an ‘XL bully,’ attacked a 10-year-old boy on a suburban street in Blackburn as panicked locals scrambled to intervene.

The boy was spotted strolling through a residential neighborhood on a recent Saturday when the imposing canine emerged suddenly from around a corner, prompting the child to seek shelter behind a nearby adult.

Seized by fear, the boy attempted to flee as the dog lunged at him, managing to latch onto his coat. The adult accompanying the boy made heroic efforts to emancipate the child from the dog’s grip, with two other residents rushing to assist.

One of these brave individuals was seen trying to force the dog’s jaws open to liberate the young boy, while another dashed off in search of additional help.

Following the incident, the boy was promptly rushed to the hospital, although the exact nature and extent of his injuries remain undisclosed.

A 27-year-old Blackburn resident was arrested for the incident and later released on bail.

Eyewitness footage on social media revealed the child and an adult strolling down Cedar Street in Blackburn at approximately 12:20 pm when the terrifying incident unfolded.

As they neared an intersection close to a local mosque, the boy swiftly reversed and moved toward the adult as the dog charged at him.

Lancashire Constabulary received a notification at 12:30 pm regarding a dog bite incident involving a young boy hospitalized for treatment.

According to a Lancashire police representative, the alleged ‘XL Bulldog’ has been confiscated. Subsequent reports indicated threats had been directed towards the victim’s family.

The same Blackburn resident, aged 27, was arrested under suspicion of assault and affray, with bail granted pending further investigation.

The shocking event occurred mere days after the announcement by the Government that registration for ‘XL bullies’ has commenced in anticipation of a ban on the breed.

From February 1 of next year, owning an ‘XL bully’ will be deemed illegal unless the animal is included on a government-approved exemption list, referred to as the Index of Exempted Dogs.