China And Russia Is Blocking UN Action On North Korea 

( The US blamed China and Russia for preventing the United Nations Security Council from taking action against North Korea for its unprecedented series of intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) launches, which flout multiple U.N. resolutions and threaten world aviation and maritime safety. 

During a council discussion, U.S. Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield reported that Chinese and Russian stonewalling gave North Korea cover to launch ballistic missiles and helped it develop more advanced and deadly weapons. 

The escalating crisis is seen as a danger to world peace and security, and the Security Council was urged to speak with one voice once again. While it alluded to China and Russia, the proclamation did not identify them. 

After North Korea’s first nuclear test detonation in 2006, the Security Council unanimously imposed sanctions and gradually strengthened them over the years, all to curb its nuclear and missile defense programs and cut off funds. Members of the Security Council agreed in the most recent sanctions resolution passed in December 2017 to further limit oil supplies to North Korea in the event of a missile launch with the capability of hitting the mainland United States. 

In response to a series of ICBM tests, the United States proposed a resolution in May 2022. China and Russia used their veto power to prevent its passage, reports show. 

This briefing occurred during military exercises between the United States and South Korea. 

Days after North Korea carried out what it termed a mock nuclear strike on South Korea to disrupt its joint military exercises with the United States, the North reportedly fired cruise missiles into the sea, according to the military of South Korea. 

North Korea has increased its nuclear testing in what it claims is a retaliation to the continuing South Korean-U.S. military exercises it views as an invasion rehearsal.  

As reported, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is seeking to project himself as a strong figurehead in the face of deteriorating home economic conditions, and analysts believe he plans to use this as leverage to get additional concessions from the international community.