CNN Gets Dethroned

The political polling service Rasmussen Reports that MSNBC is considered more trustworthy by Democrat voters compared to CNN. 

The survey revealed that MSNBC is trusted by only 23 percent of Democrats, while 22 percent trust CNN. 

Over the years, CNN has faced several competitors due to its hyper-editorialized and anti-Trump focus, particularly after 2015. 

Recently, the CNN network dismissed its CEO, Chris Licht, for hosting a town hall where a former President and presidential front-runner outperformed Kaitlin Collins, the channel’s newest nightly anchor.

Reports claim that CNN lost 21 percent of its viewers in the 25-to-54 demographic in the May ratings period.

In the second quarter of 2023, MSNBC achieved a significant ratings victory by narrowing the gap against Fox and CNN in the highly sought-after 25-to-54 age primetime viewer demographic. 

According to Nielsen ratings, MSNBC experienced a remarkable 23% increase in viewers within this age group, which is favored by advertisers for ad spending. 

Additionally, the network witnessed a commendable 16% rise in total viewership, showcasing a growing momentum while its major competitors are experiencing a decline.

Notably, MSNBC secured the second-place position for total primetime viewership in June and ranked second for total daytime viewership. The network gained a notable 14% increase in total day viewers in June and captured an additional 20% of viewers within the 24-54 demographic during the same period.

Despite this, Fox News remains the most trusted corporate media organization among the American public and Republican voters. 

However, the level of trust in Fox News is not entirely stable, with only 25 percent of Americans expressing trust, a number that increases to 43 percent among Republican voters. 

Interestingly, Democrats trust Fox News more than they trust NBC News, ABC News, or CBS News.

Rasmussen also inquired about the perception of media bias among 1,005 likely US voters. 

The majority, 58 percent, believe that media bias is increasing, including 42 percent of Democrats and 68 percent of Republicans. 

Only 13 percent of those polled believe that media bias has shown improvement.

As the anticipation for the 2024 presidential election starts to loom, it’s evident that CNN and Fox will amplify their strategies to recover their dwindling viewership. However, it’ll be a challenging journey.

As evident in the events of May and June, MSNBC shows no signs of slowing down in its quest to consolidate its expanding audience.