Even Hillary Clinton Is Fed Up With Cancel Culture 

(NewsGlobal.com)- Hillary Clinton, a former Secretary of State and failed US presidential candidate, observed that it is impossible to operate a society in the current climate when people don’t want to consider things that we don’t agree with, as is occurring with the Russian/Ukraine war. 

At a panel discussion at Georgetown University, Clinton remarked on the need for instantaneous, sometimes unthoughtful, responses.  It generates a lot of demeaning and frightening discourse toward those doing complex tasks. 

If that’s how you approach the world, you’ll never be able to successfully lead a civilization or maintain peace for very long. And that is precisely what we see taking place in Ukraine right now, she suggested. 

Hillary warned that Russia’s assault on Ukraine is degrading the local population. As they are undeserving of life, no one should mourn their destruction by bombs. 

She pleaded with people to find common ground among the available information today. 

Last month, the previous Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett explained that the bloodshed and nuclear annihilation danger originating from Ukraine might have been prevented if the Biden administration hadn’t interfered in peace negotiations with Russia. 

According to a report, an interview with Bennett says the United States and Western allies derailed a peace agreement he helped organize for Ukraine and Russia last March. 

Bennett allegedly informed Secretary of State Antony Blinken last year that he had Russian President Vladimir’s attention, as reported in a translated interview transcript from the conflict’s early days. 

Bennett told Blinken that he could be a conduit for peace negotiations. 

Bennett said that he regularly spoke with Vladimir Putin and Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the president of Ukraine, to express their requests to one another. 

Bennett claims that after the end of the war, Russia would assure Zelensky’s safety.  Putin also stopped demanding that Ukraine disarm itself. 

According to Bennett, Russia invaded because of Ukraine’s desire to join NATO. In response, Zelensky promised to publicly withdraw Ukraine’s request to join NATO. 

Bennett said the US interfered and rejected any peace deals.