House Cancels House Floor Votes

House Republicans are retaliating against the deal struck between Speaker Kevin McCarthy and President Biden that raised the debt ceiling. As a result, Republicans blocked a procedural rule and forced the others to remain in recess for the rest of last week, according to Just the News. 71 Republicans opposed the proposal but it still passed with Democratic support. 

McCarthy assured reporters that he is going to try to smooth things over and get the House back to “working for the American people.” The situation comes after the $31.5 trillion debt ceiling deal was raised once again. The proposal reportedly extends the debt through 2025 but caps spending for the next two years. 

McCarthy was elected as speaker after 15 votes on the House floor. He enjoys only a narrow margin of victory and secured his seat after making various concessions to the more conservative members of the party. Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz, a member of the Freedom Caucus that opposed McCarthy’s nomination, remarked that the debt ceiling was part of those concessions. To voice their opposition to the negotiations, they voted with Democrats to block the Gas Stove Protection and Freedom Act from debate, according to Just the News

The caucus argues that the proposal does not address the nation’s budgetary problems. GOP Rep. Dan Bishop is reportedly calling for McCarthy to be removed from his position. Florida Governor and 2024 hopeful Ron DeSantis called the deal “totally inadequate” and claimed that the deal continues the country on a path toward bankruptcy. 

McCarthy may now be in trouble as he faces the possibility of his leadership being challenged with just one detractor triggering a motion to vacate the chair. The motion was included in his list of concessions required for him to take the leadership position. So far, McCarthy has largely dismissed Republicans’ call to oust him.