Hunter Biden Admitted He Didn’t Want to Register As Foreign Agent

Reports show that while working for CEFC China Energy Co., a corporation with connections to the CCP, Hunter Biden told whistleblower Tony Bobulinski through text message in May 2017 that he did not wish to register as a foreign agent.

According to a text message from Hunter to Bobulinski in May of 2017, Hunter expressed reluctance about registering as a foreign agent of China Energy Co.  

CEFC retained Hunter Biden’s legal services for $1 million and paid him $3.8 million in consultancy fees two months before.

Hunter told Bobulinski by text message that the CEFC deal would need to be an American business at some level so that they could submit bids for government contracts. He said the FCPA’s reach is more comprehensive and doesn’t want to register as a foreign agent. Hunter Biden was alluding to the FCPA and the FARA.

Hunter Biden had already agreed to represent CEFC CEO Patrick Ho in legal matters before exchanging texts.  Ho had been in close contact with suspected whistleblower Gal Luft, who was charged by American authorities this week for failure to register as a foreign agent of China Energy Co. 

5.1 million dollars was transferred to accounts controlled by the Biden family within days of the discovery of Hunter Biden’s WhatsApp chats to CEFC.  In the first message, Hunter wrote that his father, then-Vice President Joe Biden, was sitting next to him when he demanded immediate payment.

According to a report, in addition to corroborating allegations from IRS whistleblowers, testimony from a retired FBI supervisor to Congress about the bureau’s tipping off President-elect Joe Biden’s group in December 2020 about designs to carry out a surprise interview of his son Hunter.  It paints a picture of interference into the investigation of the first family’s overseas business dealings and taxes.

Three veteran federal law enforcement agents provided Congress with substantial testimony and proof that the IRS and FBI rules were not followed during the Hunter Biden probe, leaving veteran investigators and the powerful House chairman with the impression of favoritism and undue interference.