Jamie Fox Health Rumors Made Public

A spokesperson for Jamie Foxx has refuted false claims about his health that were spread by political commentators Candace Owens and Charlie Kirk.

The representative did not mention specific individuals by name.

According to a representative for the actor, the theory that a “clot shot” (the Covid-19 shot) was responsible for Foxx becoming blind and partially paralyzed is entirely inaccurate. A.J. Benza stated that this occurred on Dr. Drew Pinsky’s show on May 30.

According to Yahoo News, Benza stated during an interview on May 30 with Dr. Drew Pinsky that Foxx had a stroke that caused partial blindness and paralysis due to the COVID-19 vaccine. 

Benza claimed that Foxx suffered from a blood clot in his brain caused by the vaccine, but, as Yahoo News noted, he is a gossip columnist and not a doctor. Benza claimed that Foxx had to receive the shot to participate in the production of his Netflix movie, Back in Action. 

Benza stated that he received this information from an anonymous source.

As a result of this report, Charlie Kirk referred to Foxx as a victim of Big Pharma on June 1.

Quoting Benza’s report as vindication, Kirk stated that people opposing the mRNA vaccine were subjected to various criticism. Kirk expressed anger that Jamie Foxx was victimized when he received the COVID-19 vaccine due to a movie set requiring it.

Owens raised doubts about Foxx’s medical condition on June 6, inferring that his medical complication resembled the difficulties that numerous young adults encountered following their COVID vaccine.

On April 11, Foxx was admitted to the hospital. The following day, his daughter Corinne Foxx issued a statement, saying her father was already recovering thanks to prompt action and excellent care. She said the family “requests privacy at this time.”

Jamie Foxx made a statement in early May expressing gratitude for the support he received. 

Corinne Foxx stated in May that the media was running wild and provided an update from her family, saying her father had been discharged from the hospital for several weeks and is recovering.