Jeffrey Epstein Photo Exposed as Doctored

As more and more dangers of Artificial Intelligence are highlighted in mainstream media, a photo taken at a party has surfaced showing five famous personalities that were present. 

This photo is unique because the head of the notorious child trafficker Jeffery Epstein has been superimposed on the body of one of the people in the original photo.

The other troubling aspect of this photo is that many mainstream journalism outlets, including Getty Images and others, assumed it was genuine and didn’t bother to fact-check its authenticity or confirm it with the photographer.

The image has been circulating on Twitter, allegedly showing billionaire Elon Musk, Space X, and Tesla owner shown with Jeffery Epstein, who died while in police custody. It has been confirmed to have been altered. 

The accompanying tweet suggests that the current public image of Elon Musk is not genuine and highlights the presence of Ashton Kutcher alongside Epstein. 

However, a Google reverse image search reveals that Epstein was digitally inserted into the original picture, which was posted on Getty Images and credited to Joe Scarnici. 

The original photograph, taken on March 10, 2018, at a party in Austin, Texas, features the five notables posing for the camera. 

Elon Musk is depicted on the far left, while Epstein’s position is actually occupied by talent manager Guy Oseary whose face was replaced with the photoshopped head of Jeffry Epstein. 

The other individuals in the photo are filmmaker Spike Lee, internet entrepreneur Marc Benioff, and filmmaker and actor Ashton Kutcher. 

Joe Scarnici, the photographer, confirmed via email that his original photo did not include Epstein. 

Something that mainstream media should have quickly and easily confirmed before sending out the phony photo to go viral on social media outlets.

PesaCheck, a fact-checking organization, has examined the image and confirmed that it had been altered. 

Most of us have seen examples of artificial intelligence showing famous people making comments they would never make in real life. The rich and famous will always be easy targets for AI fraud and deception.