Transgender Person Stabs Dentist To Death

A transgender person—a man who claims to be a woman—murdered his father by stabbing him to death, according to The Daily Wire. Dr. Abbey Horwitz, a dentist in Virginia, was a 68-year-old married man with three children before he was stabbed to death by his son, Michael Aaron Horwitz, who now goes by the name “Norah.” Michael is being charged with second-degree murder and is being held in Virginia Beach Jail. 

Michael is being represented by a public defender and appeared on a virtual call with the judge. He was also put on suicide watch. The news came as a shock to those who knew Abbey. One of his clients, Michele Nielson, said that Abbey was instrumental in starting his project. Abbey was described as having a “generous spirit” that gave advice. A neighbor said that Abbey seemed like he had his family together, and described them like the Waltons.

Virginia has been a contentious state for policies on transgender students. The Virginia Department of Education (DOE) issued a new policy in September 2022 stating that parents were supposed to talk about their child’s gender identity to the school. While other schools across the country are relying on the students to make that call, Virginia has instead asserted the rights of parents over minors. 

A school guide from the Oregon DOE encouraged teachers to avoid telling parents what the gender identity of their children was, according to American Pigeon. This policy was similar to guidance issued by Maryland’s Montgomery County Public Schools, which required school faculty and staff to lie to unsupportive parents about their child’s gender identity. The guide went on to state that faculty are advised to contact Student Welfare and Compliance (SWC) to develop a reeducation plan for parents. 

To maintain the charade, faculty are encouraged to deceive parents and refer to their child by his biological pronouns.