U.S. Senator “P***ed Off” After Russia Takes Down U.S. Drone 

(NewsGlobal.com)- South Dakota Republican Senator Mike Rounds expressed his anger about the reported collision between a Russian fighter jet and a U.S. military drone by using the expletive “p—-ed off.” 

On Tuesday, U.S. military authorities accused Russia of shooting down an American drone over the Black Sea by throwing gasoline on it, damaging its propeller and causing it to fall into the water. 

When Fox News’ Jennifer Griffin questioned Rounds about his feelings on the matter, he told Griffin that he was “p—-ed off.” 

He said to be really honest for a second here, they were responsible for the downing of an American fighter jet. They took it out of action, he said. 

The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute sponsored the event where Rounds made these comments.  

The aircraft involved was a Russian Su-27 flying in tandem with another in international airspace. 

US defense officials told Fox News that the drone crashed into the Black Sea west of Crimea because its propeller failed. 

“So, sure, not very excited about that,” Rounds said to convey his dissatisfaction.  

He said the simple fact is that we can’t allow it to happen. Everyone, friends and foes alike, has to know that we will not put up with this kind of conduct. 

Then he added he thinks a more robust discussion of the gravity of this issue is in order. Our planes are not for destruction in any manner. He said it’s a clear violation of international norms. He said that in this case, more will be done to punish those involved. 

Russia claims that the planes did not collide and blames the United States for escalating the situation. 

Anatoly Antonov, Russia’s ambassador to the United States, said on Wednesday that they assume that America will keep from further speculation in the media and stop flights near Russian borders. 

The drone reportedly crashed because of “sharp motions,” which he told Reuters about.