Biden’s Email Alias Draws Fire from GOP Lawmakers

In modern America, it is no secret that over the last several decades, Hollywood has devolved into a progressive, unpatriotic mob of leftist activists, producers, actors and celebrities. During the 1950s and 60s, the American film industry was dominated by producers who sought to promote patriotism and traditionalism in cinema, often stifling creativity while censoring nudity, gore, and violence. Following the counter culture movement, film began to change dramatically in the United States, and movies began to incorporate nudity, graphic violence, and other expressions previously deemed taboo. Leading into contemporary times, the film industry has been controlled by “woke” individuals, and these recent productions have often been received badly by the general public. For example, the Disney corporation lost $900 million following poorly-received progressive remake releases of popular classics. Despite this, Hollywood in general remains totally controlled by progressives and far-left activists, which makes it quite difficult to find an American celebrity figure who leans conservative in political inclinations.

Jon Voight, a Hollywood legend of days past- released a two minute clip on August 29th. With an American flag in the background, Voight spoke plainly and openly about his political convictions. Voight claimed that contemporary America was being controlled by a “corrupt mob” (the Biden administration) and claimed that the Obama administration (2008-2016) began the cultural chaos that the nation finds itself embroiled. Voight went on a tirade, bashing leftist policies like bail reform which have enabled criminal activity in Democrat run states. Voight warned that Americans were engulfed in a “civil war”, and that patriotic citizens had a duty to stand for truth and common sense, or future posterity will pay the price. Voight closed by saying America has always been a beacon for freedom, but that liberty was being taken away by corruption and avarice.

Voight is one of the few vocal conservatives in Hollywood- James Woods had been another but has since been ostracized within the industry.