Elon Musk Says Rumors That He “Boosts” His Own Tweets Are False

(NewsGlobal.com)- Elon Musk tried to put a stop to the rumors that he was boosting his tweets, railing against the “several major media sources” that peddled the lie. Instead, Musk says that replies to tweets were bugged to have the same prominence as regular tweets, according to Mediaite.

Because Musk replies to tweets often, his engagement was much higher, leading media companies to report that they were “boosted above normal levels.” But the “chief twit” said that after reviewing his likes and replies, the companies that peddled these narratives are false. He then attributed the issue to a “bug” that was subsequently corrected.

The Tesla CEO tried to corroborate his point by contrasting the time he wrote about buying the Coca-Cola company to put cocaine back into the soda. He said he has yet to come close to that tweet, which generated over 4.7 million likes, nearly 850,000 retweets, and 311 million impressions.


Musk specifically called out Platformer,” which ran with a story accusing Musk of prioritizing his tweets so that users can see them first. He debunked the lie and said that the article was written by a “disgruntled employee” who had already secured a job at Google. Musk added that Twitter will be taking legal action against him.

Casey Newton, another journalist at the Platformer, defended his colleague and claimed that what Musk said was “completely false.”

The billionaire has been fighting off criticism from those who do not agree with the direction he is taking Twitter, with many on the left citing the importance of content moderation.


In November, the White House confirmed that it intends to investigate Musk for his acquisition of Twitter and his Starlink ventures, according to American Pigeon. The administration initially denied a Bloomberg report that stated they would be launching an investigation.