GOP Leader Warns Of Civil War If Trump Is Prosecuted

Republican Georgia state senator Colton Moore said on Tuesday that he intends to lobby the legislature to eliminate funding for Fulton District Attorney Fani Willis’s prosecution of former President Donald Trump and 18 co-defendants. This was reported on the Steve Bannon program “War Room.”

Moore stated that prosecuting Trump would be a waste of money and may also lead to a “civil war.” Moore said that his fellow state senator, Shawn Still, was implicated and would have to spend “a million dollars” defending himself.

Moore compared the witch hunts and fishing expeditions to Nazi Germany, saying, “It’s the same thing.”

The Georgia senator said they try to accuse you of Nazism, but their actions are what define Nazism. He characterized it as “ironic.”

Moore’s remarks came as Republican Senate leaders in Georgia were considering how to punish Willis for making her allegations against Trump.

He said he told a senator they “need to get down together and figure this out.”

He said we need to act right now since the situation is dire. He warned them if they didn’t, people would settle this dispute by taking it to the streets.

“Do you want a civil war to break out?” He asked.

He said a civil war is the last thing he wants to see. He said he “really, really hopes” he doesn’t have to draw his rifle. He informed Bannon that he aims to make the issue disappear using his legislative skills. Moore revealed his plan to eliminate the problem — the first step in achieving that goal would be to cease providing Fani Willis with any funding from the state of Georgia.

He remarked that one could only hope that Representatives Jordan and Biggs would do the same in the federal legislature. Moore said that Willis broke her promise to uphold and defend the Constitution.