Migrant Shows No Remorse After Killing Taxi Driver

A migrant from Tunisia has admitted to the stabbing and killing of a cab driver because he was “too proud” to beg for help after he ran out of money and food two days earlier. The migrant is also suspected of murdering the woman he was dating with the identical knife.

According to a report, a German courtroom has heard that a Tunisian migrant who had fled Belgium for the suspected slaying of his girlfriend had admitted to murdering a cab driver only hours after landing in Germany.

In April, a cab driver was discovered stabbed in Berlin, and despite the best efforts of passers-by, he did not survive. The suspect was apprehended and repeatedly confessed to authorities.

When the interrogation recording was presented in court, the confessed murderer reportedly informed police that killing was a good thing. The courtroom reportedly gasped at this revelation.

The 24-year-old is said to have arrived in Europe as a youngster in 2011 by boat to Italy, then went to France before being recognized as a refugee in Belgium.

Although he had been a resident of Belgium for some time, records show that he never worked there and instead took government welfare benefits.

A report shows that early in July, the EU and Tunisia announced a strategic collaboration to fight migrant traffickers and tighten borders amid a significant rise in vessels departing the North African country for Europe.

Europe pledged a billion Euros to support Tunisia’s devastated economy, state finances, and migrant issues.

At the end of July, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, and African nations agreed to decrease illegal migration and address some of the factors that drive people to Europe. After a one-day summit headed by Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, the new coalition pledged to fight human smuggling.

Meloni said the agreement would endure many years and finance development initiatives from over 20 nations.

Meloni, who had previously taken a hard stance, now claims her administration is willing to legally let more people into the country because Europe needs immigrants.