Starbucks Denies Hiding Pride Material Despite Removing It

Reports have surfaced that Starbucks has modified its policy on displaying LGBTQ+ Pride d├ęcor in its U.S. locations midway through June, often known as “Pride Month.” These claims were refuted by the corporation.

The U.S. retail workers’ union, Starbucks Workers United, declared on Twitter that the firm has prohibited any “pride” displays. In the long post, the union drew parallels between Starbucks and Target, which received criticism from activists when rumors circulated that the store had removed several items from its Pride collection.

Starbucks strongly refuted claims that it had altered its stance on Pride Month celebrations.

A media outlet reports that Starbucks provides full medical coverage to same-sex couples and pays for “transgender” workers to undergo irreversible gender alteration surgery.

Ian Miller, a union activist, informed the outlet that in order to put up decorations at the business, he first required permission from the management. The manager apparently brought up the criticisms leveled at Bud Light for its recent endorsement of Dylan Mulvaney, a biological male “transgender woman.”

For their Pride collection, which includes “tuck friendly” swimming suits for guys to give the impression of being more feminine, Target was heavily criticized last month. Thus, Target called an emergency meeting to discuss the products. As a consequence, several establishments faced backlash from the LGBTQ+ community after relocating their Pride products. The corporation suffered a loss of billions of dollars as a result of the items being boycotted.

According to reports, at least five states had to evacuate Target shops over a weekend earlier in June due to bomb threats. These states include Vermont, Louisiana, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, and New York. At first, it was assumed that Target might have offended the culprit by selling Pride apparel. However, the purported threat was made because the culprit was upset that Target had caved into alleged “far-right extremists.”

The Target stores that had been targeted had all been checked by police, but no explosives were found. It seems like it was all an elaborate scam.